Remember the Alamo!

Today we celebrate and honor the lives of true heroes who gave the most precious gift of all; their lives. 176 years ago this day, nearly 200 men fought to the death on the walls of a broken down old mission in San Antonio. Their sacrifice was instrumental to the birth of the Republic of Texas.
As I state in Texas in Her Own Words, “If there is a common house of worship in Texas, it is, without a doubt, the remains of a broken down, old mission in San Antonio. It is the most cherished piece of ground in all of Texas. The Alamo is the shrine all Texans accept as the symbol of their hard won independence. The Alamo is the crucible of Texas liberty. It is a very real part of a Texan’s psyche. Texans quickly speak of the sacrifice that took place there followed by the unquestioned appreciation they have for the price paid. They may not dwell on it long but they certainly recognize its value to Texas’ heritage and the role it played in the very existence of Texas. It is a personal place for them even if they have never been there.” It symbolizes everything great about Texas in the minds of many people.
Won’t you join me in giving a prayer of thanks & gratitude for their sacrifice? I want to thank them for all they endured during those 13 relentless days. Their sacrifice made it possible for each of us to live in this wonderful place called Texas; a place we proudly called HOME.


About tejasguy

I am a retired broadcaster, professional speaker & author of 3-time national award-winning book, Texas in Her Own Words. it is available at The Alamo, the Bob Bullock Museum and the capitol gift shops in Austin. As a speaker, I'm considered an authority on various aspects of Texas. I speak on the source of the Texas character and why it's important today and how to apply it to your corporate culture and personal life. I also speak on attitude & embracing change. I also speak on various aspects of the publishing and speaking industries.
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